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The Writing Platform of              Ronald E. Hudkins 

Publisher of both Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Ronald E. Hudkins

"Renowned writer, author and novelist" 

The Author Platform Home of Ronald E. Hudkins is my writer’s index of the fiction and nonfiction books and reports I have written.  My works are available in paperback, electronic, e reader and audio formats. My publications are offered on multiple domestic and foreign outlets worldwide.

I have been writing as an official staff researcher and a closet author for over twenty years.  My works have been books, regulations, supplements and reports. The work has been both job and personal projects.  All official works have been published within government channels.  All private (hobby) writing is only now being publically released and as you will see, crosses a multitude of genres.

So, come join me.  Let's share some rewarding times together whether it be in the capacity of fun, humor, inspiration, romantic, educational or whatnot - the company will be rewarding! I am certain.

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Fiction(Childrens Interest)

Book 16 Book 17

Fiction (Fantasy)

Book 9

Fiction (Humor)

Book 3 Book 4

Fiction (Science Fiction)

Book 5

Fiction (Romance Erotica)

Book 10 Book 15

Fiction (Romance Young Adult)

Book 7

Nonfiction (Computer)

Book 11

Nonfiction (Financial)

Book 8 Book 12

Nonfiction (Food and Receipes)

Book 6

Nonfiction (Health and Wellbeing)

Book 14

Nonfiction (Petcare)

Book 13



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