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Ronald E. Hudkins (1951-Present) was born in Canton, Ohio and grew up in Massillon, Ohio. He was drafted into military service in 1970 where he remained up until 1993. He retired honorably from the U.S. Army, Military Police Corps. During his service and after, he attended many universities that include Kent State

University, Maryland University, Central Texas College (European Branch), Blair Junior College, Hagerstown Junior College and Phoenix University. He mostly completed general studies but declared two majors during his studies that included the areas of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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How to Avoid Identity Theft

He has published a consumer awareness E-book "How to Avoid Identity Theft".. This FREE e-Book exposes how thieves steal your identity, what you can do to prevent that type of crime from happening to you; and it also provides resources to help you correct the problem if you have been victimized through identity theft. You can read more at:

He is a Platinum Level Expert author at

As an author Ronald E. Hudkins has published over 100 articles in 29 separate niches which have amassed over 74,000 views. Find out more or follow him by going here;


Asset Protection and Estate Planning for All Ages

Another of his awareness projects is his book "Asset Protection and Estate Planning for All Ages" You can Download this FREE e-Book, and learn the basic requirements for estate planning and asset protection. Plus gain some useful advice on selecting an estate planning team. It is listed at:

He has social sites, video and slid presentations too many and numerous to list. Needless to say, he stays occupied and busy and as such - we all benefit.

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