A story of passion and love wherein Dianna is an escape artist.

Well, not really, but she’s known to always take the easy way out of situations and people who only confuse her and make her life crazier than it already is. As she runs away on her wedding day, she runs into Dylan, her first love, the man she lost her virginity to, and a man whom she ran away from five years ago, as well.

Dylan loves Dianna.

He always had and when he found out that she was getting married, he did not hesitate to come to church and see her—even for the last time. He didn’t know what his plans were but knew that he just had to be there, and maybe say goodbye to the woman he once loved; the woman he still actually loves. But fate has other plans and Dianna comes back to his life again.

Dianna still has not forgotten Dylan and all their escapades and moments together: Times when they’d get stuck in traffic and would play with each other, times when they’d travel and dream together, and that one night when they finally did it. Seeing him now after all these years makes her want to forget about the present and just delve into the unknown—with Dylan by her side.

The question is: Is she going to stay? Or is she just going to escape again?

“Stay the Night” is a story about second chances, and roads not taken. As Dylan and Dianna’s lives are once again thrown towards each other by fate, they are going to see if the spark that they once had can still be ignited.

A story of passion, love, and everything else in between, “Stay the Night” will surely make you get in touch with your sexy side and fall in love once more.

Book Data and Format

Publication Date: May 10, 2014

Language: English

Black & White on White paper

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

File Size: 352 KB

Print Length: 45 pages

Sold by: Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Barnes&Nobel, etc.

Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited

ISBN-13: 978-1499503678

ISBN-10: 1499503679


EBook ISBN:9781311962225

Category: Romance/Erotica

Text-to-Speech: Enabled

X-Ray: Not Enabled

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